The Project  Studio SHARE (Sendarrubias & Hernandez, Architecture and Engineering) is an international architecture project office with stable sites in Madrid (Spain) and Algiers (Algeria), which develops multiple and diverse activity in many areas related to projects and works of architecture and urbanism.

Its founding partners, Mr. José M Sendarrubias Redondo (architect since 1988 ETSA Madrid), and Mr. Angel Hernandez Espada (architect since 1991 ETSA Madrid), with more than 25 years of experience and have developed an extensive and important professional and business activity at international level, taking part in the development of over 300 architecture projects, involving more than 2,000,000 m2 built in projects conducted mainly in Spain, but also internationally in many countries in Europe, Africa and America, such as Portugal, Romania, Belgium, Algeria, Dubai, Mauritania, Senegal, Equatorial Guinea, Zambia, Mozambique, Chile, Mexico, Ecuador and Argentina.

Projects developed particularly in the residential, tourist-hotel and educational sectors, and sports buildings, health buildings and all kinds of institutional buildings, both new and in reform and rehabilitation of buildings, including the rehabilitation of monumental heritage buildings historical and artistic. Both architects have also developed more than 20 projects of Management and Urban Planning, involving the development of more than 15 million m2 in various regions of Spain.

SHARE professional team is made up of a multidisciplinary group of about 20 professionals who make up its permanent structure, and a team of collaborators to complete a group of about 50 people. All have extensive experience and proven professional expertise which ensures the optimal functioning of the office and strict compliance with its objectives and professional assignments, in the strictest deadlines agreed with its customers.

The Studio specializes in the development and management of all types of architectural projects since its inception and development to turn them into business projects as well as in monitoring and technical direction of the works of realization, until full completion and reception.

It is a diversified office also develops activities of Project Management, Urban Planning and Real Estate Management Consulting in all projects of Architecture and Urbanism, and in any of its types.

SHARE has been made in recent years particularly noteworthy projects as:

  • The Remodeling of the Jarama circuit in Madrid
  • Complexes Arena Embrujo and Embrujo Banus in Marbella,
  • Residential Complex Valderrama in Cadiz
  • Arturo Soria residential building in Madrid,
  • The real estate project EuroAsia
  • The Sotomérida Mall in Merida,
  • Or the Entire rehabilitation of hotels in Puerta del Sol, 1 and Gran Vía, 31, in Madrid,

All of them in Spain. And other important international projects in various countries in the world:

  • Integrated Rehabilitation Project funicular Valparaiso, Chile;
  • The School of Hotel and Restaurant ESHRA in Algiers
  • Royaume Hotel in Algiers
  • The complex Hotel La Citadelle in Biskra,

Or Regional Circle of Blida, all in Algeria.

Some of these projects have received prestigious architectural awards (the Residential Complex Valderrama in Cadiz, or the School of Hotel and Restaurant ESHRA), usually in the case of awards of international competitions in architecture.

Rigor, high competence and professionalism of its teams, dynamism, flexibility and close customer care are intrinsic values of this studio that, on the consolidated experience of its founders base, broad knowledge of their work and the capacity of its technical equipment, assure a leadership position in Spain and in the international market, able to add value in the pursuit of excellence and the profitability of their projects and activities.

Under defined criteria of modernity and clear focus on the development of R + D + I, as nonnegotiable requirements that enable the development of sustainable projects and encourage innovation, vocation for excellence has led them to collaborate with prestigious professionals from different countries to allow their projects in the best team, sharing knowledge and a multidisciplinary approach that ensures optimum results.