LOCATION: Gran Vía, 31, en Madrid, SPAIN

REALIZATION OF THE PROJECT: June 2013-December 2013


INVESTMENT PLANNED: 12.000.000, 00 €

CLIENT: EMI Asesores, S.A.

BASEMENTS 1.489,11m2
HOTEL & COMMERCIAL 11.133,91 m2



Client: EMI Asesores, S.A.

Ángel Hernández Espada, Aruitectos Asociados, AHE

Sendarrubias & Hernández, Architecture and Engineering, SHARE Madrid



  • Carlos Llansó Felgueroso (Arch. Writter)
  • Angel Hernández Espada (Arch. Writter)
  • José María Sendarrubias Redondo (Arch. Writter)


  • Carlos Ignacio Mirón Corona (Coordinator)
  • Félix Bodoque Abarca (Architect)
  • María Manresa García (Architect)
  • Ascensión González Jiménez (Architect)
  • Victor Garzón Fernández (Architect)
  • Almudena Fernández de Gamarra (Architect)
  • Gema Naharro (Architect)
  • Raquel Osa Fernández (Architect)


  • Structures: Luis Casas (Eng. CCP)
  • Facilities: Ingesco
  • 3D Images: Factoría 5, Studio


It is a hotel project that develops in a historical block of the city of Madrid, at number 31 on the Gran Via Madrid. This historic building on a plot trapezoidal very hilly, consists of a low-base body with basement, ground floor and mezzanine, and first and second floors; a central body flies over the previous plants containing third to seventh; and a third body crowning the eighth floor, ninth and tenth with various stepped terraces and towers in its three facades.

Structurally it hasa traceof parallelcorridorstothree sideswith a centralpatio lightsand ventilationandreachingthe mainstairs and elevators inone sideof thecourtyardgivinga characterof centralityto the whole

Our proposal maintains the structural nature of the whole building, respecting the historical structural system, reinforcing the pillars that we consider necessary to meet the current regulations. We retain the load lines with the maintenance of existing columns, reinforcing and repairing those that are not in good condition.

At the main entrance of the building we act with a proposal that emphasizes the spatial unity of the hallway that connects the main entrance from the street Gran Via with the staircase, vaulted ceilings respecting and recovering on its walls ornamental elements. The body is modified elevators, moving to the same wall of the inner courtyard to get back the vestibular space of the stairs, according to its historical traces. In the non-original facade elements are removed, eliminating disrespectful modifications made by the successive interventions.

This is an upscale hotel 5 star for almost 200 rooms, developed in over 11,000 m2 of floor above ground surface, and a basement of 1,500 m2 for parking and service areas and facilities, plus a spa, gym, restaurant and typical annexed to this type of accommodations services. The project started construction in 2014.

On the ground floor the lobby with reception, a café and room and waiting area are available. In Chinchilla street access, entry to the rise and fall of visitors and luggage without impeding traffic Gran Vía is located. On the ground floor there is a mezzanine floor where hotel offices will be located.

On the first floor are located, the hotel restaurant, café, meeting rooms, business center and kitchen.

The central courtyard will be covered with a skylight 1st floor level, adapting the space to the original project conceiving it as cover. Cafeteria and main living room of the hotel for its guests, with a comfortable daylight.

On the upper floors, the 2nd to the 10th hotel rooms are distributed fulfilling necessary for an establishment with rating of 5 * features. All rooms are exterior, so that only the inner courtyard lighting hollow corridor through which you access to the rooms.

At the height of the top floor another skylight is positioned to close the courtyard of the building. With this action we improve energy efficiency. This enclosure also improves noise insulation, favoring greater comfort at the hotel. The top of this skylight is walkable. The hollows of facade and interior courtyard, adapting to the rhythms of the other holes on the lower floors, clearly improving its current image change.